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Alpha Step

These Awards have been designed to build the confidence of non-swimmers who may need additional support.

Alpha Step Awards are a great incentive for swimmers who may be struggling to reach other milestones and need to be rewarded for the achievements they are making in developing water confidence.

The Swim England Alpha Step 1 Award is given when 6 out of 22 skills have been achieved, Alpha Step 2 for 12 out of 22 skills and Alpha Step 3 for 17 out of 22 skills. 

The awards are great for tentative children, hesitant adults and disabled individuals who may need additional support as they reward the development of the early stages of buoyancy, co-ordination, spatial awareness, aquatic breathing and safe entry and exit.

Once the basics of aquatic skills and water confidence have been mastered, the learner can make a smooth transition into Stage 1 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

Alpha Step 1 Award
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Alpha Step 2 Award
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Alpha Step 3 Award
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