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PWTAG Encapsulated Exclusion Posters

PWTAG Encapsulated Exclusion Posters

£13.08 (£13.08 inc Vat)
A3 A4

Pool water clean and safe is the poster that every swimming pool should carry. 

Its a message to swimmers to inform them of the steps they can take to make sure their swimming activity is healthy. 

Its the message that everyone who swims should share and follow.

Pool water is carefully treated to keep you healthy. But even the best of pools needs the help of its users so as not to introduce dirt or spread germs. If you are clean when you go in less disinfection is needed - and the water is clean, enjoyable and healthy.

PWTAG & Swim England

The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) has teamed up with Swim England to fulfil orders for its books, guides and posters. You have been re-directed to the Swim England shop in order to continue with your purchase.

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