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Swimming Pool Water Book

Swimming Pool Water Book

£65.00 (£65.00 inc Vat)

A new, 2017 edition of Swimming Pool Water, the book that has defined pool treatment for two decades. Authoritative, comprehensive, a fine balance of technical detail and clarity.

Produced by the uniquely independent Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group, PWTAG: over thirty years of definitive guidance and standards.

This third edition is updated throughout and expanded - 33% longer than the 2009 edition. New information on important issues including Cryptosporidium, baby swimming, pool management, UV validation, upgrading pools, balance tank design, birthing pools, swimming ponds, hydrotherapy pools and new horizons. 

The essential guide

For everyone involved in the design, treatment, management and scrutiny of pools of all types - expanded, refined, updated, still authoritative.

Topics covered include:

  • Pollution and hygiene of swimming pools
  • Correct filtration and disinfection
  • Pool water chemistry
  • Testing and controlling pool water chemistry
  • Dealing with outbreaks
  • Hydrotherapy pools
  • Personal protection, Emergency procedures
  • The pool in its environment
  • Spa and leisure pools.
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