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Water Safety Awards

The safety of children in and around water is our highest priority. We all know that one of the biggest reasons for accidental drowning is lack of knowledge and competence to deal with the effects that cold, unfamiliar water has on the body.

The Swim England Water Safety Awards are ideal for children who are taking part in the core Learn to Swim Stages 1-7 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

There are three Water Safety Awards teaching water danger awareness, self-rescue techniques and vital survival skills in clothes, without swimming goggles.

Water Safety 1 Award
During this Award children learn basic water safety awareness and survival techniques such as floating, treading water and submerging and resurfacing, without goggles.

Water Safety 2 Award
This Award introduces swimming in clothes, the key water safety messages from RNLI and RLSS, and essential personal survival techniques such as the Heat Escape Lessening Position.

Water Safety 3 Award
On completing this third and final Water Safety Award children will fully understand how to perform safe self-rescue in different open and pool-based water situations, and what to do if they fall into water unexpectedly.

Each of the Awards, purchasable from the Swim England shop, includes a certificate and cloth badge. Pin badges are also available.

To support you in your delivery of the Water Safety Awards, we have developed specific supporting documentation


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